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Hey New Jerseyan, how would you like to have some gambling fun right from your home? Though online gambling was legalized in New Jersey in 2013, the online live casino experience was lacking at best. But now live casinos are better than ever before and you can find new ones coming up all the time.

No longer will you have to travel all the way to Atlantic City just to enjoy a few rounds of Blackjack. No more saving up for the travel and stay, and no more waiting for the weekend. With the live casinos, you have at your disposal, you can now sit down (not literally) to gamble anywhere, anytime.

Nj Online Poker

The What, the How, and the Where

If you have any reservations about or relating to the legality of the games, this section will clear them up for you.

Regarding the laws, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement passed legislation in 2013 that made online gambling completely legal for residents of the state. If you don’t live in New Jersey or are outside the state while playing, you will be restricted from joining a game. The IP address of the player is collected to ensure only New Jersey residents can participate.

If you live on the state border, you might face some problems. Since IP addresses are used for location tracking, issues may arise if your service provider has you registered outside the state. In such a case, it’s best to contact your local provider for assistance.

Now that you can rest assured that the games are legal, how do you go about playing them? All you need to play live casino online games is a computer and, well, an internet connection. Although, if you really want to get into it, get a set of good speakers to enjoy the chat with the dealer, the background music, and the occasional game alerts.

Nj Online Poker

Games Offered by NJ Live Casinos

  • NJ Live Blackjack

Your favorite card game with only one difference between how providers offer it — some will let you surrender and take half of your stake back, others won’t.

  • NJ Live Baccarat

The classic Asian card game is here too, with a few twists in side bets, bonuses, and the paytable.

  • NJ Live Roulette

If you want the authentic Roulette experience from your couch, try the OTT (Over The Top) Roulette. It’s American Roulette streamed right from the casino floor. Some providers also have an Auto Play Facility that lets players set their bet for a fixed number of spins.

  • NJ Live Casino Hold’em

You can find this simpler yet popular Poker variant in most live casinos. There’s even some side bet action involved.

  • NJ Live 3 Card Poker

This Poker version is great when you just want to wind down. Live casinos make it interesting with optional trips and 6 card bonus side bets.

What to expect?

You can expect some very impressive set-ups, audio and visuals, and interfaces in live casino games online. Almost all games have private streaming rooms that are elegantly designed and decorated. Tables, whether real or virtual, are of high quality and the dealers who manage them equally competent.

The best games have impeccable audio and video qualities. You’ll be able to control the audio settings of each layer and the dealer’s announcements will be crisp and clear. Most games will be streamed in HD video qualities but will give you an option to choose the one suitable for your network connection.

Your interaction with the game will be through a well-designed user interface. The desktop will always be more convenient but you can more than make do with smaller screened devices like tablets and mobiles.

Now that you have a solid idea of how you can enjoy online gambling, here’s a list of the best live casinos in NJ you can try. Good Luck!