The latest lottery winner stories

Luck is something which is incorrigible. One can never be certain of his luck, favoring or opposing. However, it can be biased at times.

Here are some of the strangest lottery winning stories from around the world.

The lucky forgotten ticket

This story revolves around a school bus mechanic, named Samuel Manley. He bought a $160,595 worth ticket from the Bert Ammond County Cafe on U.S. Highway. He literally used luck to decide his luck. To decide his lottery ticket number, he claims, he picked up a pencil, closed his eyes and dropped the pencil on one of the numbers. The number it dropped on was the ticket he took home. After few days when Manley was transferring ‘stuff’ from one shirt to the other, he noticed the ticket and went to check for the results. Shocked by the discovery of his fortune he stated “I can’t believe I was carrying around something worth that much money.”

He proved to be a winner among 962,598 odds and took a total of $113,621 home after tax deductions.

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This is why it is advised to be reassured of your action

A 94-year-old U.S. Air Force Veteran, William Bowker, was about to throw his $6.5 million prize even after checking for the winning numbers. He told that his granddaughter had thoroughly matched his ticket number with the winning numbers. She even circled the numbers to find dismay after matching but the number she matched with were those drawn in Mega Millions and not with the Oregon’s Game Megabucks. She was about to throw them into the waste stack. Fortunately, he kept it with him and thought of taking another look at it to match it with Oregon’s Game Megabucks winning numbers.

He had bought the ticket for a mere $5 at a convenience store. His odds of winning were calculated to be 1 in 6.1 million. This makes him aptly lucky to be winning 2.2 million after taxes.

We have saved the best for the last!

The luckiest man probably

A navy corpsman with the name, Michael Strong, can be called one of the luckiest, if not the luckiest, person. He has won a cash prize with 26 out of the 27 lottery scratch-off game he has played. Every instance he used to buy $20 tickets, as he said were lucky for him and claimed rewards. He won the last prize when he was back home in Richlands for some work on his home. His friends were joking with him about his luck and asked him to try his luck yet again. After which he bought the ticket and as always, won $1 million. He told the lottery officials “I always win I play them” as if it was an everyday thing for him. He took home $424,506 of the $600,000 offered to him ib lumpsum after tax deductions.

Luck is something which can never be planned or analysed but it is really strange to see how some people have it as if they own it.


Name: The latest lottery winner stories
Author: Ashley Spring
Published Date: 12/06/2019